A rare live take

Official video uploaded to YouTube soon

Here we have an empyreal live version of our 2019 single “The Rain On A Wave.” I’d forgotten all about this until I accidentally found the file, had a couple of listens and I must say it really grew on me. Recorded on iPhone in Roisin Dubh last September, audio improved with iMovie hum remover. Keep a look out for the official video to the studio recording, featuring the best of Galway street art. It’ll be live on our YouTube channel in the coming days. If I don’t see you through the week I’ll see you through the window. Whaaa????

The Rodney Owl Roadshow for 2020 starts tonight at Cleary’s Window sessions, Newcastle West, Limerick.

Set list for tonight – in no particular order. 2 piece performance – On stage around 10pm

The world is turning, the worm is turning, the big wheel keeps on turning. The cogs in my head are rusted, need a good polish. I was once in a band called Proud Mary. We were a quartet from New Zealand. That was a lie. The bit about New Zealand.

You can probably tell I’m not thinking too hard about this, rusty cogs and all. We’ll be performing a couple of brand new songs at this gig, the new single “Blame The Devil” (out next Friday 31st Jan) and a super fresh stage musical type number entitled “Ok Boomer” written about an internet troll who hooked me on a line, because of an honest and righteous instagram interjection. I’ll be playing piano on that one… apparently.

Anywho, I’m off to practice, maybe eat, have a snooze. Indie artists, get off social media, (oh the irony) that’s where they want you, staring at a screen, waiting for nothing to happen, wondering why no one cares, it’s a clusterfuck of empty promises… according to me. Instead, play your music, feel it, improve it, enjoy it, off load whatever weighs it down. Look after it and it will look after you, providing contentment and a real purpose. I love Neil Young.

We’re all gonna die… one day.

Castlebar, we’re coming for you :-)

On stage in Bridge Street tonight at 9pm. We’ll be pouring out this one, goes by the name of “Molly’s Weak,” has it’s own genre – Paranoid Bossa Nova.


See you there!