A rare live take

Official video uploaded to YouTube soon

Here we have an empyreal live version of our 2019 single “The Rain On A Wave.” I’d forgotten all about this until I accidentally found the file, had a couple of listens and I must say it really grew on me. Recorded on iPhone in Roisin Dubh last September, audio improved with iMovie hum remover. Keep a look out for the official video to the studio recording, featuring the best of Galway street art. It’ll be live on our YouTube channel in the coming days. If I don’t see you through the week I’ll see you through the window. Whaaa????

Rodney Owl’s new single “Blame The Devil” is out now on Bandcamp.

Rodney Owl‘s new single “Blame The Devil,” is out now on Bandcamp.

There’s a big tip of the hat to The Velvet Underground, a rustling of Curtis Mayfield, an after taste of Neil Young, a stench of late 60’s Rolling Stones, a sudden remembrance of Radiohead, and a tiny sprinkling of Hot Chocolate… Yes, the band.

I wrote this song about 10 years ago when I played in a band called Dog House with the intrepid Peter Åkerström Music and the inimitable Juliana Erkkonen of The Raines .

A decade on, and that Scandanavian connection to the song has been rekindled, with the legendary Werner Gladh (better known to you all as V) on the fiddle drones and stabs. Also featuring the very talented and patient Martin Hickey on piano.

It’s almost unrecognizable to the song it once was, a totally new and shiny, shiny version. You can have a listen below. I sincerely hope you like it.

As an experiment, I’ve decided to make “Blame the Devil” available on Bandcamp, Reverbnation and my YouTube channel only… for now at least. Mainly because I’m not a big fan of Spotify, iTunes etc. Not specifically for their streaming payments to artists, it’s also how they’re turning music into a luxury item, and worse still, the constant recommendations makes for easily manipulated, lazy listeners. I feel like we’re all being hoodwinked, directed away from the good stuff that has feeling and emotion. Uh oh, conspiracy nut!

However, all of my other releases are available everywhere. Check out the spotify player below.

I’m off to hibernate for the next couple of weeks before deciding what’s next for Rodney Owl. #okboomer New song awaiting attention.