Big News For A Big big love

Folks, I have an announcement. I’ve teamed up with the good people at to release a charity single, “Wrap Your Trouble In Dreams” just in time for Christmas. This charity is very close to my heart. Read on to find out more… At the moment the track is exclusively available on Bandcamp, however it will be for sale on all platforms soon. Click on this link to buy the single and donate to a great cause this Christmas. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO FRIENDS OF THE COOMBE.

What’s the Story? – Why Friends of The Coombe?

On February 2nd, 2015 our daughter was born. All seemed well until my partner went into labour and experienced a placental abruption, which resulted in an emergency C-section. Our child entered this world in cardiac arrest, unable to breathe. The amazing staff at University Hospital Galway managed to resuscitate her and the moment an ambulance became available, she was rushed to The Coombe. She was admitted to intensive care, placed in a cooling machine and put into induced hypothermia (to minimize brain swell) for 10 days. For the first week of that time, we had no idea if she was going to survive, and if she did, what quality of life she might have. From day one of our stay in Dublin, Friends of the Coombe provided us with free accommodation, counselling, free meals and most importantly of all, kind words, support, and comfort.

This story has a happy ending, our daughter is now a very happy and healthy 4 (almost 5) year old. We are all eternally grateful to Friends of The Coombe and the help and support they gave to us at that traumatic and worrying time. I’m releasing this charity song to give something back, in the hope that it will help another family in some small way.  PS I have no desire to appear on The Late Late Show. Been there, done that. 😉 

This song is a cover of an old jazz standard, originally recorded in 1931 and written by Ted Koehler, Billy Moll, and Harry Barris. MCPS Ireland, (on behalf of Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Inc., BMG Rights Management US) has granted me permission to use this song. I in no way claim the song as my own. All proceeds from the sales of this download go to

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